About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Mike Cooke. I am a Church Planter, Pastor, Writer, and Sojourner. I love that last word, which for me captures the essence of real life. A life lived in the company of others, a life of meaning and significance.

For more than 30 years I have been interested in the condition of our relationships as a community of diverse people. I have taught couples, individuals, youth, families, churches, and teams how building flourishing relationships can recreate a life of fulfillment.

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and attended Mars Hill College and graduated from Columbia International University. I am married to Lynda Bryan Cooke. I enjoy travel, reading, music, golf, and of course developing strong friendships for the journey of life.

Currently I pastor Life Community, a non-denominational church in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina while writing a book entitled – Participation and researching another book about the impact of trust  through the journey amidst tragic loss.

– MC