From: Common Prayer

A Liturgy For Ordinary Radicals

A couple of guys I like to follow and read are the authors of the above noted book. I happened to be reviewing it last week as I prepared for our new onlinePrayer Component (PC) which began this morning at Life Community. 

As some of you know, during these days of sheltering in place, I am focusing on letting go of stuff that really brings little if any real life into my life. Some of you are doing this as well, by saying goodbye to old habits that, quite frankly, you have outgrown. And hopefully, exploring new alternatives which fit you and the real life you have chosen to pursue.

One of the things you may be discovering is a symbiotic sense of your heart and mind getting on the same page. That congruency signals growth and maturity when we are serious about building a life that draws in the significant and meaningful matters of a real life. Strangely, you’ll know you are heading in that direction when the habits you have engaged replace the stuff you once thought would bring you all you could desire.

So, this morning we opened our Life Community Prayer Component and for those who participated there was this sense of, “Wow, I didn’t expect for this twenty minute PC to be so useful!” Actually, its usefulness is found in its focus on God and our friends and neighbors, in the midst of this pandemic. 

It’s amazing where our hearts and minds end up when we face unsettling times. Read below the short paragraph from Shane Claiborne and Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Major Life Transition  Lord, help me now to unclutter my life to organize myself in the direction of simplicity. Lord, teach me to listen to my heart; teach me to welcome change, instead of fearing it. Lord, I give you these stirrings inside me. I give you my discontent. I give you my restlessness. I give you my doubt. I give you my despair, I give you all the longings I hold inside. Help me to listen to these signs of change, of growth; help me to listen seriously and follow where they lead through the breathtaking empty space of an open door.


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