What about Faith (2)?

Greetings all. Thanks for finding this blog and hopefully reading the contents of this post as well as the posts which found their way in earlier this year and back to our initial posting on August 2, 2019. Wow, we’re almost a year old! 

In our initial post on What About Faith? I wrote this statement; I believe everyone has faith…We practice faith in our own way. Faith is needed to navigate our way through life and life will give us many opportunities to prove our faith to be; right or wrong, good or bad, helpful or harmful, etc., etc. All of us, without exception, know this to be true simply because all of us have experienced the dual outcomes which are in play whenever we choose to exercise faith. It is one thing to speak of faith as a noun. It is much different to speak of faith as a verb when we define itas being the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Complete, is a scary word to most of us and that alone can become a stumbling block for us attempting to move from faith as a noun to faith as a verb. 

Now, I need to be up front here. I realize there are people and there are causes. There are ideas and there are institutions. And there are churches and there are companies whom we have placed our faith in; you know like Pepsi or Coke, Hellmans or Dukes where it is not just about faith, it’s also about taste. Stay with me here.

Taste, as it turns out, can be applied in a broad sense within the English language. It is about more than just flavor. We use this word to speak of our discernment, our inclinations, our judgements and predilections. Ain’t the English language awesome! 

It’s interesting to note that the word taste was used in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. David, the young shepherd who bravely walked into a fight with a giant of a man named Goliath, won that battle and ultimately became the King of Israel. No doubt that earlier event in his young life was on his resume’ that led to being crowned a King. I bring in David because he wasn’t only a warrior and a king, he was also a poet who wrote a number of chapters in the Book of Psalms. 

In the 34th Psalm David writes: Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is he who takes refuge in him! David is by this time speaking out of his heart not just his mind. He is using poetry which we see throughout the Psalms. By the way, do you ever read the Psalms? Scroll through that Old Testament book and here are ten I recommend in just the first third of that book. 

(Psalm 8,9,16,18,23,27,30,34,46,47)

What’s the point here in this second post on What About Faith? When it comes to faith, to taste is to act. A lot of people will say that they believe in God. Belief has become a word for many people which equals faith. Belief is good, it’s a start, it gets us in the door. But faith, or more specifically a faith that has tasted (think tested) now that’s a faith that is headed somewhere, that’s a faith that is moving, influencing, and beginning to transition one’s life onto a larger platform for living. 

I’ll be back on Monday with a new post, but for now I am curious as to what you are reading in these posts that you may have a question or comment about. As always, would love to hear from you so send me your thoughts and let’s begin a conversation on FAITH!


What about faith?

Are you a person of faith? At Life Community we are having a conversation right now centered on what we are calling Faith Transitions. We’re committed to spending a minimum of four Sundays developing an understanding of what faith is and why faith matters. It’s a start as we consider what life can become when and if one’s faith begins to transition, to grow, to transform one’s life.

Are you a person of faith? My first thought would be of course you are! I believe everyone has faith, it’s part of a person’s worldview. Without it life would be an improbable if not impossible journey to undertake. We all practice faith in our own way. 

Merriam-Webster is of some help when it comes to a basic description of faith; Faith is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. How does that fit with you? I like it as a baseline, a place to start. I hope that is okay with you as well. Stay with me, it’s going to get deeper.

Are you a person of faith who lives as if you have complete trust in someone you’d call “God”? At Life Community we have always begun our pursuit of God through a Conversation which leads to a Connection, which invites us into a Community. Those 3 steps are always being recycled in our lives because when it comes to FAITH, we all have a lot to experience. And for some reason, God has chosen to draw us together in community so that we can encourage one another as we wrestle with faith itself.

I have attended churches that have a list (sometimes a very long list) of things you have to DO in order to maintain your Christian faith. 

Jesus seems to have had a different perspective. He called people to follow him in order to experience 

Who he is, 

How he roles, 

Why he is focused (not on lists to DO) but on How God has created you to BE so that you can come fully alive to Who you are. 

When was the last time you felt this way about WHO YOU ARE?

Now, I’ve been following Jesus for over 50 years. During this journey here’s one thing I am certain of. Becoming who I was made to BE is the only way for me (or you) to ever DO what I (or you) need to be doing. When DOING overwhelms BEING in the Church (which it has in many churches) Christianity loses people who know better. I’ll get into WHY that makes sense in an upcoming blog, but for now I’ve got a conclusion to write.

Most of the people I hang out with are:

  1. Not Christians
  2. Christians who have left the Church because of Rules and Regs
  3. Christians following Jesus in order to discover life to the full
  4. Friends I have made who are interested in knowing more about why I am following Jesus.

After 30 years of ministry in the Church I have never felt so free to BE me. And having walked in this way with others @ Life Community Church, I am convinced beyond everything else that this is WHY LCC is still here in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Hopefully, you’ll give me some time to make this case. My goal is to post twice a week during this June /July series. Before I close, I’d like to invite you to join us on a Sunday morning during this current series on FAITH TRANSITIONS. We stream to Facebook live every Sunday at 10:15. Like our page Life Community Church for the service to show up in your feed. 

Don’t forget to leave a comment and/or share this blog site with a friend.



Hey guys,

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted on my blog site. A number of you already know that my brother Donnie had a stroke in the early morning hours of Monday, June 1st and was rushed to a hospital in Charlotte. 

These past two weeks we have been back and forth to the Queen City in North Carolina to be with Donnie’s wife Pam and daughter Laura. It has been what you might expect – days that ebb and flow with hope followed by despair. Currently we are feeling the former – HOPE! While pushing back against despair that hijacks your minutes and hours as if you have no other choice. You do, we all do.

As a Pastor I decided a long time ago to share with my friends at Life Community this truth; there are times when despair seems to have my phone on speed dial. (Just made myself a note to spend two or three posts on why that can happen to a pastor or anyone else and why it makes perfect sense.)

This past weekend has been one of HOPE! I love hope. I crave hope. I am ME when hope comes knockin. Just as you are you when hope knocks at your door.

Permission to speak frankly? Thanks. Donnie’s stroke, which has about three medical science words attached to it, came as many of these matters of life do – UNEXPECTED. Living in the midst of a pandemic and a nation filled with hate following the killing of George Floyd already had me, and perhaps you too, unavailable for anything else being dropped into my LIFE.

Stuff happens. Things pile on. That’s life. Where do we find the ability to juggle multiple crises while maintaining some degree of sanity? The Psalmist gave an answer to this much asked question in his 121st chapter. The poet writes; I lift my eyes up to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Help can come from a variety of outlets. According to the writer, the psalmist insists that it comes from the Lord. The Hebrew counterpart being Jehovah, or for us, God. At times of hope or despair this is where help comes from, where help is brought into our lives. It’s where someone beyond us steps into our life in order to overcome the latest uninvited guest that has taken refuge in and around us.

I like the sound of that. Help being brought into my life. Over these past several years I hav learned the real value in trusting my stuff with the Lord. Recently our family was gifted a book entitled Guerrillas of Grace with this sub-title:  Prayers For The Battle. It was written by Ted Loder whom I believe to be one of the most imaginative writers in this genre that I have ever read.

This past Sunday at Life Community I read this poetic prayer in my opening comments. I recommend it to all who happen upon it, with hope that can pull you out of despair. Find it below.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.



Thanks for your responses to the Monday post – What Is 46 Years Worth? Lynda and I are into our third day of celebrating our forty sixth year together.  We began doing this not too long ago for anniversaries and birthdays. Try it, seven days is a heck of a lot better than one day, plus you’re not under some outdated time restraint. Who needs those?

Today, as I write from my Study in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant, I am looking forward to this follow up post about Sustainable Relationships. First, let me report that Lynda and I are still together and grateful that we are, especially having been sheltered in place with each other for almost two months!

One of the most unexpected results of growing old with one another is that when you reach a certain age you realize there is nothing that can separate you short of death and of course death, as many know, lost its power when Jesus was resurrected. Now, if you’re not a follower or a fan of Jesus please do not leave this somewhat brief post as you might find inside of it something of value.

Look, couples should never forget that each tomorrow we live into will in someway be different from yesterday. I had brought up this word in Monday’s post which may have been missed and so I will rebuild it into our conversation here. That word is intention and it should command our attention. Hokey, right? Keep reading.

Intention has kept Lynda and I together for 16,792 days. And the word itself may seem pedestrian at first glance but we’d be wrong to define its impact so quickly.

Over the course of our journey it has been intention that has salvaged our marriage the day after a 10 round fight that left us both reeling and running to our respective corners. You probably know what that’s like, as anyone, who is truly in love, finds within themselves this counterintuitive thought that only love could inspire. That thought; to live is to love, and to love is to honor, and to honor is to REMAIN. It’s as simple as that. 

I heard this at a conference I had attended and have used it alongside Lynda in the FOCCUS program we have taught to couples for over twenty years. Some of you reading this will remember it because it is quiet simply hilarious. On the evening we talk about forgiveness when it comes my time to speak I stand in front of the audience and say to the them; “I’d like to share with you why Lynda and I are still married. Anytime we get into a fight, one of us says to the other, Lynda I’m sorry.”

It occurs to me that people who have bought into Jesus’ (there I go again) offer in John 10 to; give us life and describes that life to be abundant, are people who desire a life that is overflowing with life. Whenever we talk about  Sustainable Relationships @ Life Community we define it as: A Life that Gives Life. 

If we are not intentional about living A Life that Gives Life, then we should not be surprised at the other life we have chosen. We need only examine the investment we have made in our relationships, friendships, and marriages to get a true picture of where we are. All three will take up the majority of your life, but done well, they will also become a testimony for a life lived well. 

Lynda and I have spent countless hours building friendships and have come to find that it is this, this longing to converse, connect, and be in community with others that have made the life we chose, to be the life we are living still. It is not merely a piece of who we are, it is what we have given our lives to. The journey with others on this road to Life!

With no regrets (there could have been a few?) we continue. And for now, you are a part of this life we live. And for that, we are grateful to you all. With no regrets!

This weekend I will post another article about the book we are laboring through entitled – PARTICIPATION – An Invitation to Life. 

Let’s continue this conversation then.

God’s peace to you all,


What Is 46 Years Worth ?

Greetings to all of you who will read this post. 

May 18, 2020 began around 19 hours ago. I was actually wide awake when 5/18/20 overtook 5/17/20. While I had hoped to be fast asleep, I was pleasantly running back in the recesses of my mind what this day 46 years ago meant to me. I will be the first to say I do not typically spend my evenings reminiscing about every 24 hour turn of the clock over the 66 years of my life. But this year, this day, this sleeplessness conspired to hold me back, to capture me, to remind me, of why all the tomorrows may well be the best days of life I have ever experienced.

Some of you my friends may be thinking; “Do tell?” And I long to accommodate your request. But first, allow me to establish the context of both when and what and why. Forty six years ago today was precisely May 18, 1974. But of more importance it was the day that Lynda and I said “YES” to a series of wedding vows which had somehow remained of value to a couple, a community, and a celebration of life itself.

Yesterday, at Life Community, we opened a new four week series on the concept of – Sustainable Relationships. While concepts run ahead of considerations, I do hope you will stay with this throughout this week as I build a case for why Sustainable Relationships are, without a doubt, our only hope to find the fullness of life we are searching for.

That Saturday evening of May 18, 1974, Lynda and I joined ourselves together for a life we could not have imagined. We, like many of you, set out on a journey without knowing what our lives together would be like.

Over the course of these 46 years we have discovered, as many of you have, that life isn’t what we thought it would be. There have been victories and defeats. There has been loss beyond compare and grace to lead us through those times. There has been YOU. You who have encouraged us and underwritten into our lives the way forward in spite of the circumstances we faced. I could go on but please, know that because of our investment in your lives and your investment in our lives (wherever you may be right now), God has used that interdependence to continue a life well lived.

Sustainable Relationships are about intention. When we have intention, we find that there is really nothing between us that cannot be settled. When we have intention we find that there is nothing that can separate us. When we have intention we find that we are secure.

What would you be willing to sacrifice in your life to find a life with another in which you both would know that your TOGETHERNESS could never be stolen from you?

For Lynda and me, admittedly TWO who somehow became ONE, there is that way forward regardless of what you may be facing. There is more to life than any of us have ever imagined. Don’t give in or give up. 

Tomorrow, Lynda and I will step into day 16,791 as husband and wife, as partners in life (Wow, that rhymed!) Tomorrow is the day that counts because tomorrow is the next step of life for us. How we do depends on how deep the root of our relationship has grown. We are both conscious that tomorrow is unknown until we awake and engage  what life has for us, what God has for us. 

I plan to post another blog by Wednesday. I hope you’ll come back to see where this is headed. In the meantime, please share this site with someone you know is searching for Sustainable Relationships.




I don’t know what the statistics are, but all of us on this journey of life find ourselves at times, longing to move forward. I’ve been told that for many this begins as a tiny seed, and that, as Mary Poppins would say …  is a very good place to start.

A life well-lived is a life that is fluid. A life in motion. A life that matters. A life that is meaning filled. We all can find ourselves stuck from time to time and that can, in itself, serve as that tiny seed which is longing for what I will call the newness of life. Over the course of our living, we all break away (I hope) from the posture of static which is oftentimes a result of our own (so let’s own it) doing. Who wants to stand still while life is passing them by? Perhaps no one. But let’s be honest… the longing to move forward with life is subject to us breaking away from the distractions of life. And that ain’t easy for most folk.

Several years ago I did a sermon series (I prefer message series) which began with this title; Making A Move. That title, from my perspective, was and is a way to transition which of course is the first step to leave where you have been in order to go where you long for. Where we were may not have been a bad place, but it had ceased to be a place where we knew we were becoming. To become is a value all of us desire to accomplish because it reminds us we are not just alive, but that we are advancing in our aliveness!

The famous female painter Georgia O’Keeffe wrote that; Interest is the most important thing in life; happiness is temporary, but interest is continuous. What you and I are interested in should move us long enough to capture us and create in us the agency of becoming. It is in some way akin to Jesus’ point in John’s Gospel that he had come that we may have life and have it to the full. 

I stop, not always of my own accord, but often out of the sense that these words of 

Jesus clearly seem to announce a life which I have at times lost touch with. Indeed, we live in a world that competes for every second of our attention and Jesus can get lost for weeks out there.

Now, to be sure, there are some of you who are reading this post who are about to move to another screen. Please don’t. I want to ask all of us a question. What do you think it means to be offered a life that is full or a life that is abundant? You can answer this as a mental exercise right now. And in answering you might discover some things privately about your current journey, about who you are becoming.

When we seek to move forward in our lives, I am assuming we are focused on becoming more than we were. In other words, there is a point to our movement forward. What I am going to call “more ness.” I’ve read that given the opportunity to be different, most of us will choose to be like everyone else. Sociologist and Psychologist spend their careers expounding on why this is true. More on that in Part II.

Looking forward to the next installment and hoping you’ll be back. Here’s where we’ll pick up. Most people in your network aren’t interested in WHAT you DO, however, they are deeply interested in WHY you DO IT. Oh, and believe me, this will all pull together!

See you first of the week. 



From: Common Prayer

A Liturgy For Ordinary Radicals

A couple of guys I like to follow and read are the authors of the above noted book. I happened to be reviewing it last week as I prepared for our new onlinePrayer Component (PC) which began this morning at Life Community. 

As some of you know, during these days of sheltering in place, I am focusing on letting go of stuff that really brings little if any real life into my life. Some of you are doing this as well, by saying goodbye to old habits that, quite frankly, you have outgrown. And hopefully, exploring new alternatives which fit you and the real life you have chosen to pursue.

One of the things you may be discovering is a symbiotic sense of your heart and mind getting on the same page. That congruency signals growth and maturity when we are serious about building a life that draws in the significant and meaningful matters of a real life. Strangely, you’ll know you are heading in that direction when the habits you have engaged replace the stuff you once thought would bring you all you could desire.

So, this morning we opened our Life Community Prayer Component and for those who participated there was this sense of, “Wow, I didn’t expect for this twenty minute PC to be so useful!” Actually, its usefulness is found in its focus on God and our friends and neighbors, in the midst of this pandemic. 

It’s amazing where our hearts and minds end up when we face unsettling times. Read below the short paragraph from Shane Claiborne and Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Major Life Transition  Lord, help me now to unclutter my life to organize myself in the direction of simplicity. Lord, teach me to listen to my heart; teach me to welcome change, instead of fearing it. Lord, I give you these stirrings inside me. I give you my discontent. I give you my restlessness. I give you my doubt. I give you my despair, I give you all the longings I hold inside. Help me to listen to these signs of change, of growth; help me to listen seriously and follow where they lead through the breathtaking empty space of an open door.



Greetings. It was several days ago that we left the opening post on The Power of Less. I appreciate your interest and contacts and have been pouring through the article from Real Simple to draw forth several angles which seem to fit into the culture I live in here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. 

You may recall that I had taken a swipe at suggesting we are all given to the practice of distraction. There are a lot of reasons to blame for our pursuing distractions, especially those which call us away from the pursuit of simplicity. Distraction is antithetical to Simplicity or anything else we pursue that is helpful when living life. Stop for a moment here to identify two or three juicy distractions in your own life. Got um? Okay, here’s the thing.

Distractions consume most Americans and while many may not admit to that statement, take a listen to Dr. Randy Paterson from his book; 

How To Be Miserable. “We are fueled by this impulse to overcommit so much that we get together and talk about how busy we are!” That statement, set by itself, is hilarious even though it is also pathetic. I know this first hand, or, maybe I should say; second hand as my wife Lynda, at some point not long ago began protesting against my busy schedule by saying, “I don’t need to see your schedule to know you’re busy.” I’ll get back to where that ended up in another blog post

Distraction of course, draws us toward the insignificant at the expense of the significant. And the insignificance, once given enough of one’s time, will run us head on into Indifference. 

There are about seven definitions for indifference. They run from apathetic to neutral. I mean, I can be neutral about two shirts I’m thinking about purchasing because that is insignificant. However, if I am all in on the Power of Less, I can’t appeal to neutrality. I’m either in or I’m not. And by the way, deconstructing pieces and parts of your current life, will in fact, always be challenged by someone or something else clamoring for your time. Psychologist Beth Kurland; “It’s as if each of us has a container within us that can only hold so much…..How full is my container?” Well that’sthe question isn’t it?

Toward the conclusion of Part I of this post on The Power Of Less, I noted that the title itself; “Almost sounds Biblical doesn’t it?” For me it does and I locate that feeling from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew chapters five through seven. You should take a couple of minutes now to read chapter 6:19-33. Jesus goes on a riff about a number of things you and I seem to be worried about. Things like: food, and fashion, and fitness, and finances, and the future. What would an itinerant sojourner from two thousand years ago know about those things then? Take a couple of minutes now and read his thoughts in Matthew 6:19-33 on the matter of simplicity.

The Power Of Less isn’t merely about cleaning out a bedroom closet or a kitchen pantry on the road to simplicity. You and I are far more complex than that. You and I are Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. The Power Of Less may begin with some changes in our current environment but as we contemplate that simple act, the heart of the matter works to pull us deeper into something more significant, more meaning filled, nothing less than The Power Of Life itself. 

Hey, next time, let’s continue to have a conversation that has the depth to change each of us. Talk Ain’t Cheap! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Leave a comment and let’s start a connection with one another. 



I picked up a magazine last month called Real Simple. I had seen RS before at one of my writing hot spots and had taken the time to read several articles. My recall was that I appreciated the writers and was impressed at how their craft drew in the reader by encouraging her or him to consider how one’s life could be made better through practicing the art of simplicity. 

On the front cover of this particular edition, in dark bold letters, was a statement we have over the last several years become accustomed to seeing; The Power of Less. I am a sucker for statements embedded with contrast. They make you think and sometimes, if what they are sharing with you seems engaging and possible, they may convince you to present a card with the magazine at the check out counter.

On the side bar just to the right of the cover page the RS folks continued to ask for my consideration about such things as; Unloading StressHaving Less Stuff, and Declutter Your Thoughts.

Now RS is obviously good at reeling potential readers in for a look but let’s be honest, while what they offer is in my opinion Real it surely ain’t Simple. Dropping stress, giving away your stuff, or reframing your thoughts absolutely needs to be attempted by all of us during specific intervals in our lives. But how many among us, in this American Age of Distraction, are up for the challenge? 

You’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot going on in our lives. Just inside of the area of technology, we sense, “wait that’s not what I want to say”. We love our gadgets and, wait that’s not always true. We are controlled by, we are owned by, we are enslaved by technology. Without the latest tech instrument coming down the pike we are convinced we will be left behind, relegated to the boonies, off the grid. What drives this fear into us? 

Ingela Ratledge Amundson in her article, The More of Less, cites author Greg McKeown. “Over the past 10 years we’ve moved from connectivity to hyperconnectivity. Once you put a supercomputer in every person’s pocket, you’re going to get what we have now: It’s so hard to say no to nonessential distractions and relatively harder to say yes to what are actually the most important interactions and people in our life.”

I deeply appreciate McKeown’s point here. As I continue to bring together my first book – Participation – Engaging The People In Your Life, it is most encouraging to see how many millions of Americans have become interested in just that; participating by interacting with others whom they are walking through life with. Throughout the next couple of months, in this BIog, we will be highlighting a number of items centered around what it means, why it’s critical, how it’s done; this whole wonderful opportunity to get outside of self and into life lived in the company of others. 

Now, back to The Power of Less for a couple of observations to conclude this first of a two part post.

First, to change anything requires us at the baseline to embrace new habits. We have, in these past several decades become a nation of people living lives of distraction. That is to say, distraction compels us away from change. While we may know this in the recesses of our heart and soul, we seldom seem to be able to have an open conversation about it in public with others. While pursuing the habit of deconstructing ones life of “stuff”, why not share with a friend how you have struggled with distraction to accomplish this goal. Two for the price of One! You can do it!!

Second, is simple. But not Real Simple. You and I are living our life right now mostly separated physically from one another. It seems to me, that makes this time while sheltering in place, a grand opportunity for us to fill our hours with a habit that can only bring to us newness of life. The Power of Less, is a part of living a new life as it cleanses the old away like a distant memory. Almost sounds Biblical doesn’t it? 

Join me for Part II next week. And please shoot me a comment  and let’s begin a conversation around ways to discard the distractions in our lives.


Judges, Jeopardy and Joining the Cause

I had hoped to write on my blog about last months court hearing and update on the court date our family and friends went through on March 12th. The second defendant in the killing of my son Bryan Cooke and the shooting of me, appeared in court to face a plea deal of Voluntary Manslaughter. Unfortunately I am still trying to make sense of the Judge’s confusing sentencing. While I asked the State of South Carolina represented by the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office to give me an explanation immediately following the sentencing on March 12th, I have heard NOTHING a month later… crickets? Not surprising, and I am sending a second request by mail to see what, if anything the Solicitors office discovered on our behalf??

It was the day following our court hearing that Coronavirus seemed to finally invade our lives in earnest. Discouragement followed by even more discouragement. How have you been weathering this worldwide pandemic here’s several questions to open this blog with which have impacted all of us at some level of concern this past month.

1st – Have you been reading about how to keep yourself safe from contracting the Coronavirus?

2nd – Have you been watching the 24/7 channels where you can get what they all refer to as Breaking News about Covid-19?

3rd – Have you come to agree that sheltering in place does save lives?

4th – Have you been frightened (at some level) by what you see and hear of this Pandemic?

For most of us, the unknown can, at times, create anxiety.

Self preservation can be a good thing. Two years ago I was hell bent on preserving my own life when an 18 year old fired four shots from a .40 caliber pistol four feet away from my body. Surviving became the only thing I could think of to act on. It reminds me of the hoarders we’ve been reading about. Perhaps you have run into one at the local grocer these past several weeks. Hoarders often find themselves in what can only be described as a sort of pretend survival mode.

Then there are people who are far more drawn to the activity of acquiring information today which, given new circumstances about this contagion, can change markedly by tomorrow.
“Well” you say, of course the info can change but is it really “IT” (the Breaking News) that is changing or is it “US” who are not changing. In a country initially asked to self quarantine, we’ve now been told to shelter in place, orders to hopefully save others and hopefully ourselves from contamination. An order focused on reducing the curve.

I can’t believe I am writing and posting a blog about this. The vast majority of us awaken to a surreal world which is anything but a pretend world. While it’s hard to shake, we all know it is real in spite of the talking heads who can’t control their own conspiracy theories devoid of reality.

When I use the word world here I am envisioning you and me because in times like this, surviving here and now seems primary if in fact the World is to survive. Seriously, what can we do in our smaller, lower case worlds that we have yet to do out of inconvenience?

We Americans, who have lived lives of convenience for all these many years we’ve been in the World (at least this American has), now confront an internal existential threat to ourselves; can we suffer through the inconvenience this Pandemic requires of us?

I want to say, “we’ll see”, but right now that’s not at all helpful given the increasing number of human beings who are testing positive each day and the human beings who are dying because we live in a world that was in many ways unprepared for this disease.

Now, you and me, WE, have to change our lower case world. And that, is becoming increasingly necessary if survival is going to be our goal, a goal worth sacrificing for everyone.