In about 5 hours and 50 minutes, the clock at Times Square, in the city of New York will begin its annual countdown to midnight and herald in the New Year of 2020.

Each year when Lynda and I settle in to watch the celebration, and fireworks, and bedlam in the streets of New York. We reminisce a little about what was and hope for what can be. As the evening moves on, one of us is always yelling at the other to wake up, and whoever had nodded off always says; I wasn’t sleeping.

We usually make it through (at least one of us does). And for a lot of us who are dreamers, those of us who use our imagination, New Years Eve becomes a night of looking forward to what will be.

There’s a verse in the New Testament where Paul is writing a letter to some friends living in the city of Corinth. His letter is to encourage them by sharing this statement: If anyone is in Christ the old has gone, the new is here.

I would venture to say that these 13 words, over the last two millennia, have become a truth for countless people regardless of their situation in life. For us today there is no better time to hear and embrace words filled with hope for tomorrow, next week, next year. We get to make something with what we’ve been given. What will we do with that when tomorrow draws us into 2020?

Lynda and I have been talking a lot about what’s ahead for us. And, by extension, for Life Community. This week I ran across this quote from the news journalist on CBS, Scott Pelley in his new book; Truth Worth Telling:

Don’t ask the meaning of life. Life is asking the meaning of you.

That line, at first glance, seems to be personal, but the more you read it, with eyes wide open, it may begin to give you the sense that life is awaiting an answer, that life is pulling you into herself to become what only you can give her.

I’m looking forward to this evening as I hope for a New Year to embrace. I bet you are as well. Together let’s move forward tomorrow by living the rest of our life like no one else on this planet can. Let’s be who we were made to be.

The End Is Near, in just hours we’ll say goodby to 2019. Enjoy the evening, don’t get too crazy, and shoot me a comment on the content of this post.

2 thoughts on “THE END IS NEAR!”

  1. To wake up to 2020 sounds so futuristic. I half expect to look out my window and see a different world. I will open my door and step boldly into the future.
    I can take 3 things, that will be faith, love and optimism.

  2. Reading your New Years blog this morning on the first day of 2020, gazing out at the majesty of a snow covered Mt Monadnock and smiling while reflecting on your words and the Scott Pelley quote you shared-Thanks Mike!

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