The Pace and Space of our Lives (Part 2)

It seems as if there are spaces in all of our lives that we are for one reason or another unwilling to consider for upgrades. The writer Parker Palmer challenges us to ask this question; “Is the life I am living the same life that wants to live in me?” Never heard it quite put in that cadence but it certainly captured my attention.  

I used to think that the older you get the more settled or set in your ways you became. However, the last two generations have disabused me of this idea. While they are not old enough yet to be stuck in their ways they nevertheless seem to be more fluid and less static in how they live their lives. I realize they have their faults just as each growing generation has. But one of them, for now, doesn’t seem to be…………….

The older I become the more I choose to connect with 20’s, 30’s, and 40 year olds to see and hear how and why they have become WHO they have become. What are they embracing, what are they (at least for now) rejecting? Anyway, curious minds want to know so…………………….

Several days ago I posted Part 1 of The Pace and Space of our Lives where I asked readers to consider (I love that word consider as It gives us an option) Stopping, Slowing down,  Rethinking, and Renewing. Each step is equally critical to the process. And by the way, I am not selling a process here, I am simply engaging in a conversation. It’s a significant conversation which suggests to you and me that there is a way to see life differently – a new way to Be Alive.

I pastor a church, Life Community, where we run along a pathway which tells us that Conversations can lead to Connections which can lead us into Community. For us and for many others, being in community is how one finds real life, how one becomes human. It’s a reality as old as time, and yet seems missing in many people’s live today.

Fredrick Beuchner notes: 

You can survive on your own

You can become strong on your own

You can prevail on your own

But, you cannot become a human on your own

Into your life and mine has crept this pervasive lifestyle of constant distraction. Matthew Kelly in his excellent book, The Rhythm of Life reminds us all that; Everything is a choice.This is life’s greatest truth and its hardest lesson.

Do you have an hour next week to Stop, Slow Down, Rethink your journey, and allow Renewal to begin it’s process inside of you. 

I bet you do and you’ll be surprised to find that others you already know are walking this path as well. 

So what do you think? Is there room for new direction, for newness in life? Love to hear some feedback. Post a comment and let’s begin the Conversation!

Check back in for the conclusion in the third part of The Pace and Space of our Lives early next week.


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