The Pace and Space of our Lives (Part 3)

This is the third and final post inside of the mini series; The Pace and Space of our Lives. We are seeking to open a door to a conversation around this idea that the Pace of our lives has begun to greatly influence the Space in our lives. 

If you are feeling as if you are moving at the speed of light some days perhaps that is a warning that your current speed of life, at times is impossible to maintain. If we cannot maintain then we need help, we need maintenance as it were to recalibrate the pace of living.

In the past couple of years I have had many, many conversations with friends who admit they are way out over their skis in specific areas of life and don’t know how to throttle back. So it seems to me, that in this case, our Pace becomes an arbiter of or to our Space – the parts of our lives we are or are not paying attention to. 

James K. A. Smith in his fine book You Are What You Love writes – “If you are what you love, and if love is a virtue, then love is a habit. This means that our most fundamental orientation to the world (our primarySpace) is shaped by imitation and practice.”

When Smith speaks of love here, he is not speaking of love in the emotive or romantic sense many of us may be thinking of. What I understand Smith to be saying here is that if you are truly going to give your life tolove, you will immediately set your Pace of each day so that you can move from love as a noun into love as a verb. When we act upon that which moves us toward others we should quite naturally begin to see a new rhythm (Pace) in our living.

Smith also notes that; “The center of gravity of the human person is located not in the intellect but in the heart. Why? Because the heart is the existential chamber of our love”

Thus the author of Proverbs cautions us with these words; Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” 

So, here’s why the Pace (daily rhythm) and the Space (what matters) in your life and mine deserves an ongoing conversation. Oh, and by the way, we practice this all the time with the trivial distractions of life. How can we begin to apply that to the deeper interior matters of life? 

Who has an idea, who has a thought, who cares that life can and does get stolen from us each day? I have a few that we will begin unpacking in the next post later this week. In the meantime, seek truth and inspire change. Your life was created to breathe life into others. Let’s go do it!


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