Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

Greetings to all of you who have taken the time to see what’s going on @ LCC this weekend. We appreciate your interest as well as your participation with us.

January this year has five Sundays and for that we are thankful – we will use each of these Sundays to continue to challenge each other to consider a life that is lived One Day At A Time.

I don’t know about you, but I have tried a lot of ways to prioritize my life. Many of those seem to have ended up being a waste of my time. Like the time I… Do you have some “Like the time I…”?

You and I have a sense when something isn’t working for us. And usually the culprit is a life that is inundated with too much Ambition centered around too much Activity that leads to too much Anxiety.

The General Social Survey reports that there has been a 6% plunge in the average Americans “happiness” between 2009-2019.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that, social media tends to draw joy from teenagers and adults by stoking anxieties about the better lives others seem to be living online.

Perhaps the bottomline here is that we have lost our RHYTHM? That One Day At A Time kind of life which leads to a more authentic way of living that we’ve been talking about @ Life Community.

This Sunday we are going to pick up where Pastor Thomas left off last week in Matthew’s Gospel. The thought I have here is that we all need a refreshing look at what is TRUE in order to pursue the Life God extends to each and every individual.

As Paul put it, Even though the outside of me is wasting away, I am thankful to God that the inside of me is being renewed day by day.

Sunday we’ll look at 3 priorities that can help anyone find renewal which leads to a life well lived. And guess what, getting two out of three of these ain’t bad.

In hope and prayer, I look forward to you joining us. And if you can’t watch the livestream on Sunday morning @ 10:15, carve out an hour sometime in the week to “pick up what we’re puttin’ down” @ LCC online. (Our livestream is available on our Facebook page during and immediately after our service and you can click the blue link below to find your way there.)

Together, you and I, can discover the truth that life offers us both –

Pastor Mike