What Is 46 Years Worth ?

Greetings to all of you who will read this post. 

May 18, 2020 began around 19 hours ago. I was actually wide awake when 5/18/20 overtook 5/17/20. While I had hoped to be fast asleep, I was pleasantly running back in the recesses of my mind what this day 46 years ago meant to me. I will be the first to say I do not typically spend my evenings reminiscing about every 24 hour turn of the clock over the 66 years of my life. But this year, this day, this sleeplessness conspired to hold me back, to capture me, to remind me, of why all the tomorrows may well be the best days of life I have ever experienced.

Some of you my friends may be thinking; “Do tell?” And I long to accommodate your request. But first, allow me to establish the context of both when and what and why. Forty six years ago today was precisely May 18, 1974. But of more importance it was the day that Lynda and I said “YES” to a series of wedding vows which had somehow remained of value to a couple, a community, and a celebration of life itself.

Yesterday, at Life Community, we opened a new four week series on the concept of – Sustainable Relationships. While concepts run ahead of considerations, I do hope you will stay with this throughout this week as I build a case for why Sustainable Relationships are, without a doubt, our only hope to find the fullness of life we are searching for.

That Saturday evening of May 18, 1974, Lynda and I joined ourselves together for a life we could not have imagined. We, like many of you, set out on a journey without knowing what our lives together would be like.

Over the course of these 46 years we have discovered, as many of you have, that life isn’t what we thought it would be. There have been victories and defeats. There has been loss beyond compare and grace to lead us through those times. There has been YOU. You who have encouraged us and underwritten into our lives the way forward in spite of the circumstances we faced. I could go on but please, know that because of our investment in your lives and your investment in our lives (wherever you may be right now), God has used that interdependence to continue a life well lived.

Sustainable Relationships are about intention. When we have intention, we find that there is really nothing between us that cannot be settled. When we have intention we find that there is nothing that can separate us. When we have intention we find that we are secure.

What would you be willing to sacrifice in your life to find a life with another in which you both would know that your TOGETHERNESS could never be stolen from you?

For Lynda and me, admittedly TWO who somehow became ONE, there is that way forward regardless of what you may be facing. There is more to life than any of us have ever imagined. Don’t give in or give up. 

Tomorrow, Lynda and I will step into day 16,791 as husband and wife, as partners in life (Wow, that rhymed!) Tomorrow is the day that counts because tomorrow is the next step of life for us. How we do depends on how deep the root of our relationship has grown. We are both conscious that tomorrow is unknown until we awake and engage  what life has for us, what God has for us. 

I plan to post another blog by Wednesday. I hope you’ll come back to see where this is headed. In the meantime, please share this site with someone you know is searching for Sustainable Relationships.



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